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We are a small online store featuring handdrawn apparel that is professionally screen printed in Toronto, Canada. We are all about social good, empowerment and giving back to mental health! A Message from our founder:I started Good Apparel with a mission to empower people just like YOU and give back to mental health. As a three time cancer surviror and nurse I know how much my own mental health journey has affected my life. I wanted to create a community around empowerment and dedicate my time to raising awareness and funding for mental health resources for our community. We give back to various mental health iniatives in our community. Our primary partner currently is the Canadian Mental Health Association. - Molly Bokkers 

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Good Apparel

The Canadian Mental Health Association

Vision: An inclusive community with mental health and wellbeing for all.

Mission: We promote mental wellness through responsive and innovative services and empower individuals on their recovery journey.

Values: Accountability, Compassion, Integrity, Welcoming, Innovation, Inclusiveness.



Our Promise to the Planet 

We members of the eco-alliance! We are commited to caring for our planet, using ecofriendly packaging for 99% of all our orders. We limit single use plastic as much as possible and strive to continue to do the best we can to help save our planet. Our mailers are made from 100% recycled plastics giving plastics already in circulation a second life! Our mailers also feature a second adhesvie strip so that you can reuse our packaing and give it another life. 


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